Get free dollars and extra bonus interest on your lending. Just do 3 simple tasks daily in facebook and twitter, and you'll get extra $3 which consist of
✅Twitter post
✅Facebook profile post
✅Facebook group post
Plus, you'll get 50% interest on your lending investment.

For facebook profile post, please don't forget to include the hastags and we're considering tagging 5 of your friends in your post.

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For all Machtcoin lenders, we have a great news related to lending interest you've been invested in. We're applying lending interest based on the last price of Machtcoin ICO and not based on the market or external exchanger price. Remember, based on the last price of Machtcoin ICO.

There are exchanger rate and lending rate you should know about. 1 MCH valued at $1.68 at our internal exchanger rate which there will be a slight differences on lending rates. On lending rates, it will be 1% lower than its real price. So, in our lending rates, MCH price is valued at $1.67.

This Compensation plan only applied until April 8, 2018. So, be hurry to invest in Machtcoin lending program to gain real profit!

Happy lending!
Happy staking!
And happy earning day!


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